Sunday, June 3, 2012

ShutterBug Sudan

I have an idea, i don't know if it's a good one but its something i'm passionate about, i know this because usually when i blog it takes me a minute to think of my next sentence but right now i know exactly that i want to say. I'm passionate about culture, i mean always loved the idea of diversity, languages, nationalities, tradition and what not, the idea of being proud of where you come from and the fact that you do things differently and can teach it to people and learn their ways.

I'm passionate about it and mostly about my own, my Sudanese culture. And i always say that it's not perfect, far from it actually, but it's mine and i own it and i shall practice the good and teach it to my kids so that they may teach it to theirs and so on and so forth. Basically to never lose it.

Ok back to the idea. It's called Shutterbug Sudan® it's an organization; right now a virtual one where people, photographers, artists, filmmakers etc join in an attempt to promote good cultural practices, abolish harmful ones and raise awareness in general. In practice groups of people go into the more rural areas in Sudan and document cultural practices that we see, and teach others about them, find out the reasoning behind current cultural practices and also how they started all those years ago. What we learn we teach to others targeting mainly the youth because it seems that we know the least about our culture, both those living in Sudan and abroad.

I wasn't really going to blog about this but after i wrote an article for the sudanese 500 words magazine on culture i thought why not, read it here.

I even made a logo and everything.  The thing is i wouldn't know where to start from, so i thought all due time as i think of all things that i push down to the bottom of my to-do list. As for the name, well basically its a synonym for photography, so Shutterbug Sudan, picture Sudan, imagine Sudan. We want to create that picture from what we know and what we learn.

Tell me what you think, in a comment or e-mail

The logo ®

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