Sunday, July 8, 2012

If you don't believe..

I'm not going to go into the turmoil and troubles of my country, Sudan for they are so many and so much, it would complete this article before my trying to reach my point.

We find ourselves at a point in time where there is potential and a chance for change. A time to make things better. A time where we can make life easier, more bearable. We face brutal opposition, a regime that refuses to give up its power. We fall, we wake to try again. However, this is not the worst of it. The worst part is when our fellow Sudanese put down the whole notion of revolution in our country. As if they do not need it. Cowards.

They spread their negativity, pessimism and skepticism, when people are being arrested, tear gassed and injured. They talk about how the next government could be worse, and how an evil you know is better than one you do not. They talk about how a full pocket is better than a new government with empty pockets. Meaning they'll most probably be more corrupt. About the loss we'll suffer if it fails, and how it is not worth it. And so they go along their normal lives, turning a blind eye to the next street.

How in the world can they think that when people are dying in Darfur and Nuba mountains. Is there really a government worse than one that kills its own people? Do they not see the bigger picture of how we can change our whole constitution? That everyone is given their rights so that they can have their dreams. That we can implement measures that monitor our new government and hold them accountable. Do they not realize how our country has not only been stagnant but also regressing? And how it has tremendous potential to improve.

I'm not for a single moment denying that all this takes time, but that it also starts with a single step. The first being out with the old. To start a fresh we need a new slate. So believe. Have hope for a better future. And if you can't do that then just keep quiet. Don't put down the attempts of a whole nation when they are ready to give up so much. After all, they don't only do this for themselves, or their families. They do it for everyone.