Thursday, October 20, 2011


The United Nations conference on climate change and environmental sustainability is going to be held in Durban, South Africa this year and coincidentally that's where i live :D It starts on the 28th of November and ends on the 9th of December, with over 20000 delegates from all over the world.

I think we the youth need to be made much more aware of the reality of the state that our environment is in, especially in Africa where we are hit the hardest. Also since we the youth are the ones who will deal with the consequences and repercussions of not caring for the environment as we should, from energy, to climate change, to water and agriculture.

Waiting to hear back if i was chosen to work at the conference. I hope i am.
*to be updated*

Death and the revolts continue..

The leader or should i say former leader of Libya has just been announced dead, shot and killed while hiding, yes you guessed it in a hole. About time too, not his death per se but that they actually found him, with pictures of him already posted all over the net, here.

I guess its not that bad that he died especially since no one would have known what to do with him. Mubarak is still in trial, i wonder why anyway, yes he was evil but he's old now. In jail he will die, if he is let free he will die. What can security do when almost the whole country wants you dead. Do you just let them choose their doomed destiny. We are not a forgiving people, even when sometimes forgiveness is not deserved..

In Sudan as well, strike action and protesting is going on. I think it's great, may God protect them, our government will not be an easy one. Also, i think we need a plan before running into a revolution, learn from Egypt's mistake. It took a while for egypt to bring their government down, but to say they would prefer to be ruled by the military until they find a leader was a mistake. The army is taught how to battle, in their mind violence is the way to control and leads to victory, what makes one think that they won't use those principles that most soldiers believe in; to rule the country. "..After all you have your army killing your people, a long oppressed minority of it at that — but if one looks beyond what happened, one sees a very different picture. What happened yesterday was the beginning of the end of the military rule over Egypt: The days of the SCAF ruling are numbered. " This was posted after there were clashes with the military and the citizens. Basically, i'm saying get the government down in Sudan but have a leader, a good one ready to take the lead.

I guess we wait and see. More on Sudan to come. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The ramblings of a scattered mind IV

Its no use feeling sorry for yourself, really, you may feel entitled to it for whatever predicament you may find yourself in. But it is by far the most futile bordering on detrimental thing. I don't know i guess its easier thinking that since you already feel down, to push yourself further instead of doing the more difficult thing and snapping out of it; by dealing with the situation even if it is just mentally. Arrange your thoughts and mindset. And sometimes what sucks the most is you cant even feel sad without it affecting another part of your life, i guess everything should be in moderation even sadness and i say that because i never thought of being sad as a bad thing, on some level it must be healthy to occasionally be a little sad, and believe it or not i enjoy my sadness,  But only if it isn't destructive to my well being, i guess..
It's funny you know, sometimes you know exactly how you want things to turn out, some of those things you have control over like the amount of effort put in to achieve them and then there are things that you have no to little control over and all you can do is pray to God to make them happen. For you God, nothing is difficult. I just pray it ends well, i wouldn't exactly say it has been my year. But according to Shakespeare, all's well that ends well. There is still hope, there is always hope. sometimes you just feel tired, of living, of life. Were we just exist, in our mundane daily routines, i never really got it though. How do you live and not exist while still doing the normal things in life like work, or study. I assume it's all a mental thing, controlled by only the mind. It's always in the power of the mind,