Friday, January 11, 2013


Why do i feel, after having read my older posts that they are better than my new ones? I don't like that.


Living in a country away from home and away from most of your extended family is not easy. Especially when there are hardly any people from your country. And to make it suck more..when so many of your family members are scattered around the world. It's not easy.

However, i think it made me to a certain extent appreciate and understand the importance of family. To have them in your life. It also made my immediate family rather close. My aunt and uncle who live about 6 hours away are included in that immediate family. I've always tried to be in close contact with my cousins, second cousins but you know how it is..eventually i got fed up and stopped trying.

I know family may sometimes cause you grief and annoy you and make you want to kill yourself. But bottom line is they are usually all you have. When times are tough..when friends are gone..your family is least i know i will be there for my family whenever they need me. And then of course there are friends who are exactly like your family.

I don't think extended families should actually live causes and leads to too much conflict. But i mean when we grow up and leave our first homes to make our own, when it's just a blur of memories we will miss it and a part of us will want it back.

To la familia..

The Ramblings Of a Scattered Mind VI

I have been on summer vacation for about a month now. I hate summer. I hate the heat. I expected to blog much more about more meaningful things than just silly thoughts and what not. But i have not been able to due to laziness and what have you so here we are..I'm going to try but for some reason it's like swimming against the current. I feel i need to change now. I don't really want to but i feel i really should. I feel i need to now find my personality, my character. Know who i am and what i need to do. I never thought i had an identity crisis..but maybe. These past couple of weeks taught me a lot about family. So i think the next post will be about that. Bittersweet family..Also, i feel like i may be losing touch with some of my friends..and i feel i may be okay with it. No one wants to put the effort of maintaining our relationship so maybe it's not worth it. We don't tell each other what's up in our lives or what we're doing know the things friends usually do. I don't think we'll ever fall out..but just lose touch. Basically..growing up sucks and either we get used to it or it will only get worse..All the decisions we have to make in our foolish youthful years that will affect the rest of our grown up lives. It's just a lot of pressure to make the right ones for the future even if it means you won't enjoy it now. I guess that's part of growing up..investing in the future while you may not necessarily be totally happy in the present. Or am i doing something wrong here??