Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Misery breeds.

As Fall out Boy would say, "misery is over-rated"

For the average person, misery is more like a spasm, it is felt in those momentary times of failure or disappointment. It can blind you like in the case of Hitler or it can ruin your life and lead to your suicide, also like in the case of Hitler. You can decide how misery affects your life. As they say, "Its all in the head." If you choose to allow it to govern your life, it will only lead to destruction, however, if you turn it to your advantage, a world of Utopia inevitably awaits. All the successful people known to us today, didn't have everything handed down to them, well most of them anyway. They all started down in the ruts like anybody else. They made something of themselves. They rose above their misery and became the people that we admire. Nelson Mandela didn't cave in and declare a white flag to his misery whilst in prison. He educated himself and refused to be put down by the oppression of the white man. 
If Misery is like gravity then defy Newton's laws or go to space. Misery doesn't always need company, all it needs is a relishing force to transform it into something beneficial. Dr. Gregory House used his misery to save lives while Oppenheimer used his to destroy them. We all just need a little direction when it comes to misery, it could end up being the difference between Professor X and Magnito.