Monday, February 6, 2012

Cop17 II

I'm glad to say i ended up working at Cop17, and not so glad to say that it did not end as well as people hoped it would. Not many firm decisions were made and many countries dodged signing agreements that they would reduce climate change.

There was even a protest on the last day, initially started by young delegates that later had almost all the delegates partake in, pictures and video coming soon. Unfortunately this protest did not make much of a difference.

Delegates held meetings until the next morning after the conference had ended. I don't think many countries were willing to make sacrifices to save our planet, and were being stubbornly short sighted. Anyway the next Cop will be in Qatar, hope it will be better.

Also, i got to meet the president of South Africa and Ban Ki Moon :)

Shararah.. i hope.

I swear i'm updating my blog real soon, already have it on my phone, just need to type it all in :)

I think the shararah  of Sudan, the sparks that lead to revolution are lighting up skies. Never before has there been so much chatter online, amongst people of the sudanese community and even news channels like Aljazeera about the wanting of change. News is usually only about the war or famine in the country that hits the global community. People from movements against the government are getting arrested and tortured for information. Government spies are on the increase. Also, most if not all taxes in Sudan are going up, all food prices are rising (greater than compared to other countries). Basically, the people of Sudan are starting to feel it. They feel the pressure, frustration, and anger at the open disregard that their government has for them..

What does this tell me? It tells me the government is scared, and is beginning to worry about a revolt, and their being forced to step down. I think they know they won't last long, so they are doing what we like to call 'kham alramad', collecting of the ashes. Each politician wants to make a 'getaway' when the time comes with the most in their pockets. 

Well, i might not live in Sudan, but someday i'm going back, and when that day comes i don't want the country i call home to have gone to the dogs. 

My name is Dina, i am against the party, against the injustice, against racism, against discrimination of any kind, against the theft of public money, against nepotism, and against corruption. I am against the violence and killings, against the arrests, against the intimidation, against displacement, against lies and hypocrisy. I am against opportunistic oppression of women, against the division of the nation, against the lifting of the Koran, the sword and against the politicization of religion. I am Sudanese.

انا اسمي دينا..
أنا ضد الظلم.. ضد الكبت ضد الحرب ... ضد الفساد ... ضد المحسوبية...ضد مصادرة الحقوق و الحريات ... ضد التشريد .... ضد العنصرية ... ضد التعصب ...ضد الفتن الدينيه... ضد الترهيب .. ضد بيوت الأشباح .. ضد النظام العام ... ضد اذلال الشعب .. ضد اضطهاد المرأة .. ضد نهب ثروات البلد ..ضد سرقة المال العام ...ضد التجهيل..
 .. ضد التجويع..ضد تقسيم الوطن ...ضد رفع المصاحف على اسنة السيوف.....ضد تسييس الدين.
أنا سوداني

Unite against the government, share and post this picture in solidarity with wanting and making a change.